The Loons Are Nesting!

The loons are finally nesting again on Clary Lake for the first time since June 2019. They didn’t use the floating nest we launched this spring, but they are nesting nearby in the same cove where the floating nest is located, over on the north shore of the lake. Mary Gingrow-Shaw has been monitoring the floating loon nest and late last week noticed nest building behavior. She finally spotted a loon sitting on the nest yesterday and today she kayaked over snapped the photograph at left. She didn’t want to get too close and all she had was a cell phone. I’ll head over later with my camera and telephoto lens and try to get some better pictures.

There are very likely already eggs in the nest. We can expect the eggs to hatch in 26 to 30 days. Keep your fingers crossed!

PLEASE give the area a WIDE BERTH!

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