Special Membership Meeting Ahead!

This is a reminder that we have a Special Membership Meeting scheduled for this coming Saturday April 16th at 3:00 PM at the home of Gareth & Beverley Bowen at 739 Gardiner Road, Jefferson Maine. 

Proxy ballots were mailed to all CLA members back in late January along with a cover letter and a self addressed stamped envelope to return the completed ballots. The main question on the ballot involved a change to the wording of our bylaws pertaining to the definition of a quorum; currently a quorum is 1/3 of our voting membership, a hard number to muster! We’re looking to change that to 15% of our voting members. The purpose of this meeting is to officially count the proxy ballots that were returned and any raised-hands at the meeting, and announce the results of the vote.

The outcome of the vote is not in question as we have already received more than enough proxy ballots favoring the bylaws change, so this meeting is largely a formality, to make that vote official. Therefore, if you returned a proxy ballot, there really is no need for you to attend this meeting, though you are of course welcome to do so!

We will be providing access to the meeting via Zoom. Details for Zooming into the meeting were included in an email I sent to our Membership earlier today. If you’re a CLA member (check here!) you should have received it! If you ARE a member and it’s not in your inbox, please check your spam folder! If it’s in your spam folder, click the “Not Spam” button! If it’s not in your spam folder then it’s possible we either don’t have your email address, or we have it wrong. In either case, I’d like to know, please email me!