Saturday June 8th Star Party at the Brower Observatory

moon_and_starsNot many people know about the Brower Astronomical Observatory located right here in Whitefield Maine. It is associated with the Central Maine Astronomical Society and is named after Stanley Brower, the man who donated so much equipment to the Society including the 10′ diameter dome and the 16″ Newtonian telescope housed under it. The observatory is located at 342 Jefferson Road in Whitefield, right near the Jefferson and Whitefield town line on the south side of Clary Lake. When you get there, follow the signs to the top of the hill. Star parties are open to the public and are free of charge. Colin Caissie is the administrator of the observatory. You can reach him at 207-549-3338 for more information.

The upcoming star party is on Saturday June 8th from 9 PM until Midnight or until the last observer leaves, which ever comes first Bring bug dope. Bring binoculars if you have some. Bring your telescope if you have one of those! I’ll likely post an update shortly before the event.