[UPDATED]: May 2017 Water Level Chart Archived

5 waterlevelchart_May2017

May 2017

I have archived the May 2017 Water Level Chart (at left). The most notable feature of the May chart is how much rain fell on us during the month. Most of you will agree that May was a cold,  wet month.  Average rainfall for May is 3.7″ and we received just over 5.1″ or 1.4″ more rain than usual. This brings us to 16.24″ for the year which is only slightly more than the average rainfall of 15.91″ for this date. As a result of the extra rainfall, on average the lake level fell only 0.4″ per day rather than the expected 1″ per day, resulting in a total drop for the month of only 13.56″: we started the month at -20.5″ below the high water mark, and ended the month at -34.1″ below the high water mark.

Not much else to say about this.

[UPDATE]: Revised to show additional rainfall received when some late evening thunder storms rolled through. As a result of that extra rainfall, the lake level this morning is unchanged from yesterday morning’s reading.