CLA 2020 Summer Newsletter Mailed

The Clary Lake Association’s 2020 Summer Newsletter went in the mail a few days ago. If you live in Whitefield or Jefferson it has probably already been delivered. If you’re out of Town or out of State, it’ll probably take another day or two to reach you. The biggest news item is that the CLA Board at their regular May meeting a few weeks ago decided out of an abundance of caution to cancel this year’s Annual Meeting, originally scheduled for August 7th. It was not an easy decision to make, we considered just postponing it and also how we could hold a meeting while trying to maintain social distance and cancelling the pot luck supper but in the final analysis, given the uncertainty of what this summer may bring and given that pretty much all other public events have been cancelled this summer that we needed to follow suit. Dave Knight in his “President’s Message” does a good job of explaining our thought process around this issue. The health and safety of our Membership is of paramount importance. The newsletter discusses our deliberations around this issue.

There’s also an article in the newsletter about the need to start an Invasive Plant Patrol program. Our Courtesy Boat Inspection program which is now underway for the second year will help prevent invasive plants from accidentally being introduced into Clary Lake, but it doesn’t guarantee unwanted plant invaders won’t still find their way into the lake. This is where an Invasive Plant program comes in. Expect more information about this exciting program in the near future.

The Summer newsletter also traditionally kicks off our Membership drive for the upcoming membership year. We’ve already received some membership renewals and hope that those of you who typically pay your dues at the Annual meeting will just go ahead and mail them in, or sign up online. While we’re not having an Annual meeting this year, we’re still working to protect and preserve Clary Lake and need your ongoing support.

As usual, feel free to share our newsletter with your friends and encourage them to join the Clary Lake Association!