16 August 2014: Algae bloom not getting any better

IMG_20140816_090956The algae bloom that appeared a few weeks ago (see 01 August 2014: Yet another algae bloom in progress) hasn’t gotten any worse, but it certainly hasn’t gotten any better either. Today’s secchi disk reading of 2.00 meters (6.56′) shows that the water transparency has only marginally improved from 2 weeks ago when it was 1.82 meters (5.97′). The green scum you’re seeing around the edges of the lake are the dead and decaying carcasses of the cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) that are responsible for the bloom. I took the picture at left this morning. Not very appealing.

It remains to be seen whether lake transparency slowly begins to improve or deteriorates further. I suspect, given the time of year and the low water conditions that we’re likely to see the bloom get worse as fall approaches. Both the Volunteer Lake Monitor Program folks and the Department of Environmental Protection are aware of the situation though it certainly wouldn’t hurt for a few more people to contact the DEP’s Division of Environmental Assessment and let them know what is happening. Here’s a link to their web page with instructions on how to report an algal bloom: