30 January 2013: Interviewed by the KJ

I’ve had several long phone conversations recently with a reporter from the Kennebec Journal who is doing research for a story on the Clary Lake water level petition. He also has met with Paul Kelley to get his side of the story, and has talked with Beth Callahan about what is holding things up. Beth told him that both the DEP and the Attorney General were reviewing the situation- the first statement from the DEP that this matter is being reviewed by anyone other than Heather Parent, the Presiding Officer; we pretty much surmised this because DEP doesn’t have their own legal department and when they need legal heavy lifting, they tap the AG but it’s nice to have our suspicions confirmed.

So it is now reasonable to assume that the real hold up is at the Attorney General’s office.

8 thoughts on “30 January 2013: Interviewed by the KJ

  1. Claryview

    Well, it is nice to hear something. the KJ article might prove to be quite interesting!
    So the wheels of government rotate slowly,

  2. George Fergusson Post author

    I agree David. I gave the reporter your name as well, and Ellis Percy’s too. He was absolutely certain the paper would run a story but with him investing so much time into it, I’m pretty sure they will.

    Also, congratulations on being the first to register, and the first to leave a comment!


  3. Jack Holland

    May be possible that an article in the KJ will help to ” stir the pot”
    Looks like the lake could be smooth for ice boaters & skaters with a re-freeze. I’m sure there will be some weak spots with all the runoff entering.

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      Well I think some public pressure on the Department can’t hurt Jack. They’re well aware of the growing frustration and impatience of the petitioners and other interested parties. As Thomas Gillette said recently to me in an email, “justice delayed is justice denied.” I strongly agree.

      As for possible ice skating, I can’t wait! I got out just once back in December on a day that was so cold it made my teeth chatter. Here’s hoping.

  4. Skip Poole

    It will be so nice to see the water level back up to where it should be. Hopefully the story gets published soon. One can only imagine what this has done to the fish and wildlife…

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      Hi Skip, and welcome to the site!

      I agree it will be good when the lake is back normal, but I expect with the petition process temporarily stalled, it will be a while. Processing will resume eventually. Thanks for taking an interest in Clary lake!

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