30 November 2014: Clary Lake iced-in

Clary cam - 2014-11-29 15.44.47Clary Lake was completely frozen over the morning of November 29th and well-below freezing temperatures all day undoubtedly added to the thickness of the ice coating. A lite dusting of snow coated some pre-existing ice the night before, as the cam picture at left shows. I was going to post this yesterday but David Hodsdon thought we should wait to see if the ice survives today’s temperatures at or above 40°. If so I guess we can consider it iced-in for the duration. David Hodsdon has been keeping track of Clary ice-in and ice-out dates for the past dozen or so years.

It’s too soon to tell if we’re going to get ice worth skating on. Only about 1 year out of 3 does the lake freeze over smoothly enough and stay snow free long enough to provide for good skating. And when the conditions are right for skating you need to get out and enjoy it because it won’t last long. Here’s a video I took back in December 2010 when conditions were just about as good as they get. It features me on camera and my wife Margaret pushing a chair (which is how most of us older folks ought to be skating anyways):

 I’ll post a few more when I get a chance.