28 October 2013: Kelley request for Board of Environmental Protection jurisdiction over his petition

eyesPaul Kelley has sent a letter to DEP Commissioner Patricia Aho requesting she give up jurisdiction over his company’s petition for release from dam ownership or water level maintenance to the BEP (Board of Environmental Protection). He copied IF&W Commissioner Chandler Woodcock and the towns of Whitefield and Jefferson:

It is not a foregone conclusion by any means that DEP Commissioner Aho will relinquish jurisdiction to the BEP, nor is it clear what Kelley would expect to gain by having the BEP take over his petition. From a DEP information sheet:

BEP Jurisdiction Requests. People may request that the Board assume jurisdiction over a filed application within 20 days after D.E.P. accepts it as complete for processing. Such a request must satisfy Section 17 of Chapter 2. Board jurisdiction is not available for windpower development projects.

I think it is unlikely the DEP Commissioner Aho will go along with this jurisdiction change request and I think to do so would be a unconscionable waste of government time, money, and resources especially considering that Kelley has a couple of offers to purchase the dam. Those wishing to delve into this further can find Chapter 2 here:

Rule Chapters for the Department of Environmental Protection