28 May 2016: Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone, from the Clary Lake Association. Just one minor problem: with the lake level down 54″+ below the top of the dam, how are you going to get your boat onto the water?

Earlier today there was a jet ski out on the lake. Not sure where they put in, but they’re small enough you can horse them into the water about any place. The only boat I’ve seen on the lake beside my own in recent weeks put in at the private launch over on the Enos property.

4 thoughts on “28 May 2016: Happy Memorial Day Weekend

  1. sviti789

    I fished from 9 till1pm when that jet ski showed up, albeit from my canoe. While I enjoyed the morning’s quiet and having the lake all to myself I’d much rather be fishing from my garaged boat.

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