27 June 2016: Video of Loon Climbing Onto Nest

I’ve wanted to capture video of a loon climbing onto its nest ever since the first time I saw one do it. Loons are clearly not built for getting around on dry land, but they manage. I’ve tried two other times to capture this event but circumstances conspired to thwart my efforts. I got some nice video (will post some at a later time) but catching this special event has eluded me. Until today. It was windy which caused the camera to bounce around, but the wind let up briefly at just the right time. The video ended when the battery in my camera died. Enjoy.

I’ve been able to set my camera, telescope, and tripod up in a spot in some bushes a good distance away from the nest where I could observe the loons almost without being seen. As you can see from the video, the loon was clearly unconcerned by my presence, though it certainly knew I was there.