27 June 2013 Lincoln County News: State Inspector visits Clary Lake dams, DEP sets comment deadline [UPDATED]

paperThere’s an article in this week’s Lincoln County News by Shlomit Auciello about the State Dam Inspector’s visit to the Clary Lake dams back on the 18th as well as describing the recently released Procedural Order 7. All of this has been covered here. The article is not available online to non-subscribers. Sadly, my printer/scanner fried a few days ago so I can’t scan it and post it. If you want to read the article you’ll have to buy the paper. If anyone out there has a subscription and is willing to “print it” to a PDF and send it to me, that would be appreciated.

[UPDATE] Well it turns out I can’t just live without a printer/scanner/fax so I went and bought an HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus printer/scanner/fax. It’s sweet. Here’s the article: