27 December 2015 VIDEO: Clary Lake Dam Flows

[dropcap]With[/dropcap] the lake level up around -22″ below the top of the dam, even with the gate about 95% closed there is still a lot of water flowing out of the lake. However, judging from this video, there is even more water flowing through the hole in the dam which is located above and to the left of the outlet pipe. The amount of water flowing through the cracks to the right is inconsequential.


2 thoughts on “27 December 2015 VIDEO: Clary Lake Dam Flows

  1. sviti789

    Took a similar video just days before and also marveled at the welcome water level just behind our weary damn. It’s been a long time since it looked this good, leaks and all.

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      I agree Stephen. It’s a fine dam in fundamentally good shape and just needs a little work. I wish Mr. Kelley would either sell us the dam or let us fix it for him.

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