27 December 2013: DEP Issues Procedural Order 9, Denies PPM request for 30 day extension

denied-customAt 2:15 this afternoon, Beth Callahan sent out the Department’s Procedural Order 9 being their response to Pleasant Pond Mill LLC’s recent motion requesting a 30 day extension to the deadline for comments on the DRAFT Clary Lake water level order. PPM’s motion was DENIED. Also denied was his request that the Department make available staff and data prior to his submission of comments. The Presiding Officer did however incidentally grant an additional week to prepare comments due to the inclement weather we’ve had this past week. The new deadline for submission of comments is Monday 6 January 2014. The Order is totally worth Reading:

Procedural Order 9

Frankly while I don’t need the extra week, I will make use of it. I was without power for 3 1/2 days this past week and was unable to work at my computer. I did compose some notes on paper with pencil only to find that I can no longer read my own hand writing.

The message sent by this Procedural Order is clear: they are done playing games, and the hammer is about to fall.

In addition to issuing the procedural order, they sent along a revised SERVICE LIST, the only change being a new email address for Clary Lake Association Counsel Robert Rubin.