26 June 2020: Clary Lake Association Files Brief in AQF WLO Transfer Appeal

On Thursday June 25th the Clary Lake Association through their counsel Randy Creswell timely filed their brief in the matter of Aquafortis Associates, LLC [AQF] v. Maine Board of Environmental Protection [BEP] Docket No. WISSC-AP-20-04. The State of Maine filed their brief a week ago, on June 19th. AQF now has 14 days from the service of these briefs to file their reply briefs. For the State’s brief the deadline is July 3rd and for our brief, the deadline is July 9th. Someone is going to have a fun-filled Fourth of July weekend!

The Clary Lake Association is but a Party in Interest to this appeal and as such we really didn’t need to file a reply to AQF’s brief, especially considering how thorough and irrefutable the State’s brief is. Nonetheless we felt that providing some additional arguments supporting our right, title, and interest in the Clary Lake dam was a worthwhile effort.

Read This Brief!

Over the last 8 years I’ve read a lot of briefs. This is not your typical legal brief full of obscure mumbo jumbo and dry and hard to understand legal language. It is only 12 pages long, it is well and clearly written, and is very easy understand. It’s going to leave a mark.

As usual I’m going to refrain from further comment at this time.