26 April 2018: Fundraising Continues, New Matching Donor Found

We’ve been busy! Our original matching donor cut off at $45,000. We have actually managed to secure another matching donor (who also wishes to remain anonymous) who will match up to an additional $10,000 worth of donations! Seeing as how we’re currently at almost $107,000, an additional $10,000 in donations along with these new matching funds will push us over the top of our phase 2 fundraising goal of $125,000. This means we should be able to make permanent repairs to the Clary Lake dam this summer, rather than having to wait a year. Our fundraising success has been incredibly gratifying and shows just how much people want this water level crisis to end. If you haven’t donated to our fundraising campaign yet, please consider doing so at your earliest opportunity. Checks may be sent to:

Clary Lake Association
PO Box 127
Whitefield ME 04353

Alternatively you can visit our Donate to the Association page and donate via Paypal.

We’re making progress towards purchasing the Clary Lake dam from the Bankruptcy Court, but it’s slow going just now. We’ll provide more updates as information becomes available. Your patience is appreciated.

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