23 July 2013: Webcam update

A fair number of people check the Clary Lake Webcam from time to time and sadly, 90% of the time they find it isn’t running. The reason is that the software generates a fair amount of load on my desktop computer, slowing things down and making it hard for me to get work done so I tend not to run the webcam when I’m working at my computer which lately seems like all the time. Then I often forget to start it up when I leave to do something else. Anyways, I’ve made a few changes to the webcam system configuration in the hopes that it will use less resources and not slow things down quite so much, and I will try to keep it running more regularly for those people who want to have a look at what I’m looking at out my window.

Ultimately I’d like to get an outdoor waterproof wireless webcam and mount it on a tree down by the shoreline to get a better view of the lake and whatever happens to be floating or swimming by. Maybe someday..