23 April 2013: Update on Kelley’s petition for release from dam ownership


Last night Ellis Percy and I attended the Jefferson Selectman’s meeting to see what they had to say about Kelley’s petition for release from dam ownership. Whitefield Selectmen Dennis Merrill and Frank Ober were also there as was Shlomit Auciello, reporter for the Lincoln County News. It appears the Jefferson Selectmen haven’t really given this matter a whole lot of thought yet; we did our best to fill them in on what’s happening and why, and what some of their options are. They have a public meeting scheduled for May 21st (details on where and what time at a later date). I expect an there will be an article in the Lincoln County News tomorrow.

Tonight I attended the Whitefield Selectman’s regularly scheduled meeting to see what was happening. There have been some new developments since last week:

  1. Dennis Merrill and Tony Marple are to meet with Paul Kelley tomorrow to discuss the dam situation in general and what his intentions are, specifically. Dennis assured me that the Clary Lake Association would get “equal time”, not that I’m worried.
  2. The Selectmen have wisely scheduled a public “informational meeting” to discuss Kelley’s petition and what it means for the town. The meeting is next Tuesday night the 30th of April at 7 PM, at the end of their regularly scheduled Selectman’s meeting which is held at the Whitefield Fire and Rescue building on Town House road, next to the Whitefield Town Office.
  3. I let them know that the Clary Lake Association will be preparing a formal offer on the dam at our upcoming board meeting this Saturday. I also explained that our offer does not preclude the town or anyone else from making an offer of their own, nor does it relieve the town of the necessity of holding a public hearing on the matter.

I’m hoping for a good turn out for next Tuesday’s informational meeting. I’ve put all the dates on the Clary Lake Association Activities & Events calendar, plus I’ll post a reminder here.