22 September 2014: Kelley Files Consultation Report with DEP

Paul Kelley has fulfilled the final statutory requirement of his Petition for Release from Dam Ownership or Water Level Maintenance by filing his consultation report detailing the results of his attempts to find a new owner for the Clary Lake dam. This concludes a process that he started over a year and a half ago. He filed the report late last Friday afternoon, 19 September 2014. I obtained copies of the report from the Department of Environmental Protection earlier today. I haven’t had a chance to read these reports yet, but I’m certain he will state that he’s met all the statutory requirements of the law, has found no one willing to assume ownership of the Clary Lake dam:

Of course, it’s a well-known fact that the Clary Lake Association would like to own the Clary Lake dam. However, anyone who has been on the receiving-end of Kelley’s sales pitch can only conclude that he really doesn’t want to sell it at all. Kelley’s petition has been written about numerous times on these news pages; if you want to find them select the category “That Other Petition” in the right side bar, or follow this link.