21 June 2013: The Summer 2013 Clary Lake Clarion is going in the mail [UPDATED]

newsletter01The Summer 2013 issue of the Clary Lake Clarion, the newsletter of the Clary Lake Association, is going in the mail tomorrow morning. As usual it’s being mailed to all Clary Lake shore owners as well as a number of other interested parties. I’m a firm believer that every organization, no matter how well represented digitally, really needs to put out something tangible once in a while to stay firmly in touch with their membership. The plan has been to prepare 2 newsletters per year but in for the past few years it’s been all I could do to get one out in time for the Annual Meeting. And so it is again this year.

I’ve uploaded the newsletter to the site and added it to the Newsletters page under the Membership main menu item. Feel free to download the newsletter and share it with your friends.

[UPDATE] The above link was broken. It’s now fixed. When you encounter a broken link on this site, please email me!

Included with the newsletter is the usual membership signup/renewal form with one minor difference: We’re no longer asking for separate summer and winter addresses. Trying to keep multiple addresses straight and deciding when to use which address was a logistical nightmare. Just give us your primary address; if it’s good enough for your electric bill, it’s good enough for us. Alternatively if you just want to get `er done you can Signup or Renew your Membership Online using our secure PayPal payment processing system.

Association Membership currently stands at around 70 members which is at or near the all-time high. But we can do better. Every lake shore owner on Clary Lake should be a member of the Association. Every one.

And finally: money donated to the Association is fully tax deductible. The current membership year runs from the 2013 Annual Meeting to the 2014 Annual Meeting.