21 April 2013: Howard Nickerson: What price are we willing to pay?

red-winged-blackbird-thumbI was visiting Jane Chase this morning and she happened to mention an impassioned letter to the editor of the Lincoln County News that she’d read recently that did not ring a bell with me. Sadly, as much as I try and stay on top of everything going on these days, I just can’t and I rely heavily on other people to let me know about things of importance to Clary Lake and the water level petition. Jane found a copy on line and sent it to me. The letter to the editor turned out to be by none other than my good friend Howard Nickerson and was sent to the paper back in the middle of March. My apologies for just now getting it posted.

What price are we willing to pay?

Howard owns land up in the northeast end of the marsh on the east side of Clark’s Meadow Brook adjoining land of Sue McKeen and Butch Duncan. He’s a life-long conservationist.

5 thoughts on “21 April 2013: Howard Nickerson: What price are we willing to pay?

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    I called Howard today and chided him for not letting me know about his letter to the editor. He said he’d do better next time. He’s considering writing an article about the impact of this draw down on Clary Lake. Some of you may recall Howard speaking at the Clary Lake Association annual meeting last summer.

  2. mafergusson

    I’d like to express thanks to Howard for his deep caring for the natural environment around my home…and the homes of all of us who call the shores of Clary Lake our natural back or front yard gift…not ours for the taking, ours for the caring, ours for the stewardship that is necessary. In addition, there are scores of people who travel from afar to enjoy the beauty of this area. Where are the stewards? We are here. Where is our state agency to help us in this endeavor? I hope and trust that they are in the wings, gearing up for a command performance and soon to take center stage and GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD! It is heartbreaking to read that in Howard’s opinion, four marshes are ‘dead’. I don’t know why this is taking so long. I do know that selfish and ill-perceived measures have been underway to stall and to steal….to stall the saving of our sacred wildlife…to steal a healthy habitat from its residents — “all creatures great and small”. The humans need to step down AND STEP UP!

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      Thank you for that Margaret. You summed up the sadness and dismay that we’re all feeling quite nicely. I have to trust that the State WILL do the right thing and will not disappoint. It is taking a long time. Too long. I don’t blame the State, or the system, I blame Paul Kelley.

  3. Sue McKeen

    Well said, George and Margaret. Hope all those wildlife conservationists are following this travesty – really, where is the public outcry, besides from us???

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