20 May 2013: Town of Jefferson Public Meeting Reminder

reminder_smallJust a quick reminder that the Town of Jefferson is holding their public meeting to consider and act on the issue of dam ownership tomorrow night at 6 PM at the Jefferson Village School Gymnasium. Unlike the Town of Whitefield’s May 30th meeting which is being held solely for the purpose of addressing the dam issue, Jefferson’s meeting serves a dual purpose: residents will also be voting on school budget issues. The the dam question is #1 on the agenda and is worded as follows:

“To see what action the town will take regarding ownership of the Clary Lake dam located at 103 Mills Road in Whitefield.”

I will be there simply so I can report on the meeting. From what I can gather, this meeting is being held under duress and the outcome is virtually assured: the town will not take any action regarding ownership of the Clary Lake dam. I imagine the first and last question will be “How much do they want for the dam?” to which the Selectmen will answer “We don’t know. He won’t tell us.” The Selectmen have taken a hands-off approach towards this issue from the very start and I expect their recommendation will be to do nothing and move on. I wonder if Paul Kelley will be there to field questions? That would be entertaining.