20 April 2013: Added some more photos to the Chase Family Archive

chase_archive11Jane Chase was kind enough to loan me some more pictures to put up on the site, quite some time ago but I’ve been kinda busy and haven’t had a chance to scan them until tonight. I’ve added 6 new photographs to the Chase Family Archive; 4 of them appear to have been taken at the time of a decent sized flood event and includes one aerial photograph showing water pouring over the Clary Lake dam (see the picture at left). You can also see in it the original stone dam below the mill building which likely dates back to the late 1700s or early 1800s, the remains of which are there today.

chase_archive11Perhaps of the 6 photographs I added tonight, the one I like the most is this one at left,  a simple photo of the marsh with water lilies and marsh grass and nothing really special about it except for Chester’s hesitant handwriting scrawled across the top “Pond from float” and that Chester took this picture and clearly appreciated the beauty of the scene. I believe it was taken from his landing looking across the marsh at the Floge and Burns properties. Thanks again to Jane Chase for sharing these pictures.

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