18 February 2013: Suspending Water Level Measurements

I’m suspending water level measurements for a while- I went down to the lake this afternoon and just didn’t have it in me to dig through 3′ drifts of snow for 40′ to get out to where the water is. I’ll resume when it warms up a little and some snow melts. At last measure 2 days ago, the lake was down to 145.94′ or -56.40″ below the top of the dam.

Still no word from the DEP on a decision. It’s been 14 days since Senator Chris Johnson talked to Jerry Reid at the District Attorney’s office. It was suggested at that time that if we might hear something “in a couple of weeks.” I’ll look into getting an update later this week if we haven’t heard anything.

2 thoughts on “18 February 2013: Suspending Water Level Measurements

  1. Claryview

    George, you deserve a break! Continuing through the winter is definitely above and beyond.

    By the way, thanks for posting the panorama of the curve in the stream. It came out much better than I anticipated

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