11 July 2013 Kennebec Journal: Clary Lake property owners putting hopes on water level management plan

newspaper-salesman-1flip-customPaul Koenig has written another article which has appeared in today’s Kennebec Journal. Paul and I spoke several times over the past few days about the closing arguments that Kelley and I submitted last Monday. I hadn’t expected the article to be published until tomorrow. Many thanks to Brandon K. for bringing it to my attention.

Here’s a link to the online version:

It’s a good article; I have been pleasantly surprised in recent months with the coverage we’re getting from the local papers. Kelley is striking out at every turn, you’d think he’d read the handwriting on the wall and start taking a different, more conciliatory stance; his endless strident objections are falling on deaf ears. The Department is going to slap an order on his breached dam and it’s not going to specify a water level that is 2.7′ below the hole in his dam. Why he thinks the condition of the dam is relevant to the determination of a suitable water level for Clary Lake, I have no idea. He’s making that part up, along with a whole lot of other stuff. There is a way out of this mess he’s in but he’s just too damned stubborn, spiteful, and vindictive to consider it.