11 April 2018 Lincoln County News: Clary Lake Group Raising Funds to Purchase Dam

There is an article in this week’s Lincoln County News by staff writer Greg Foster about our plan to purchase the Clary Lake dam. It is for the most part factually accurate which is particularly impressive given the both complexity of this story and Mr. Foster’s being relatively new to it. The part about the CLA making an offer on the little red building sitting on the dam was really just me daydreaming out loud, something one probably shouldn’t do when being interviewed for a newspaper story! For the record, the Association currently has no plans to make an offer on the red building:

Clary Lake Group Raising Funds to Purchase Dam

Can’t beat the publicity: I was at the check out at Sheepscot General this evening when someone came up to me and gave me a $10 bill saying it was to help purchase the Clary Lake dam 🙂

I’ve archived a PDF copy of the article should you have trouble getting it off the Lincoln County News site: