09 September 2016: CLA Membership Goal Reached!

[dropcap]Within[/dropcap] just 2 days of posting about our membership goal, we’ve added the additional 11 members needed to bring our total to 100, our membership goal for this year! It’s not just a goal, it’s an all-time record. The memberships consisted of 3 renewals and 8 NEW MEMBERS, people who have either never been Association members, or haven’t been for a long time. I wish to thank those people who stepped up, and apologize to those whose arms I twisted… a little bit. I never doubted that we’d reach our goal, I just didn’t anticipate the enthusiastic and supportive response to that post. 

Just because we’ve reached our goal is no reason to get complacent. There are still a dozen or more people who were members last year who have not renewed their memberships this year, and I sincerely hope they will all renew soon. Just because we’ve reached OUR goal shouldn’t stop them or anyone else from joining the Association. There is strength in numbers. We’re on a roll folks, let’s keep it going.

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