08 March 2021: A Year In Pictures Revisited

One of the gotchas from going to SSL was that a number of images associated with website posts were broken. Having a little time on my hands this morning, I set about going back through old posts and editing the URL’s to fix the broken images. In the process of doing that, I came across this post from 4 years ago with a video composed of Clary webcam pictures, and I decided to repost it.

The video covers 365 days from March 9, 2016 through March 9, 2017. There are a few days missing (including 3-13-16 through 3-15-16 which coincided with ice out last spring for some reason, and a couple of other days in the fall). I also decided to delete all the night-time photos, ending up with 4,651 pictures covering Clary Lake in all its glory, compiled into a video at a frame rate of 10/second. It is 7:45 long. Best viewed full screen with the sound on:

2 thoughts on “08 March 2021: A Year In Pictures Revisited

  1. David Knight

    Fun watch. Not much activity back then.
    I bet a same video of current years since the new water level would be a lot busier.

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