06 June 2013: Branch Pond water level petition hearing scheduled for August 23rd

Branch Pond, Midas #5754I received word from Brandon Kulik today that DEP has scheduled a public hearing on their water level petition for 23 August at a time and place to be announced. Brandon is  the Senior Fisheries Biologist at Kleinschmidt Associates and the petition spokesperson for the Branch Pond petition. Branch Pond is located at the head waters of the West Branch of the Sheepscot River, partly in the town of China and partly in Palermo. Both Clary Lake and Branch Pond are in the Sheepscot River watershed. It’s a beautiful little pond with a big dam owner problem. Margaret and I went up there last summer to visit with Brandon and his neighbor Mike Wozniak and talk about water level petitions.

The Clary Lake Association is sharing some space on our web server with the Branch Pond Association. I don’t really have the time to put much polish on their site but I have updated the home page with the 2013 dues notice. I’ve also added a “Branch Pond” post category to make it easier to pull out Branch Pond posts on this news page.