04 August 2004: Update on Tim Chase’s dam offer

forsalebyowner-customI saw Tim Chase at the store the other day, he told me that Paul Kelley finally responded to his offer saying that it wasn’t good enough, that he was actually entertaining multiple “more-attractive” offers on the dam and suggesting that Tim might want to make another (presumably sweeter) offer. Now, where I come from, this is when you cut your original offer in half but Tim said he was just going leave his offer on the table, sit tight, and see what happens. A good plan.

I must admit I am thrilled- THRILLED I say, that Kelley has multiple buyers bidding up the price of a breached dam with no flowage rights that is going to have a DEP water level order slapped on it any day. Wow! People must be standing in line to make an offer on that dam! It has got to be the hottest piece of real estate in Lincoln County! My only question is what is such a dam worth on the open market?