03 May 2013: Online Donation System Launched

donatePerhaps you’ve noticed the donate button hanging out over on the sidebar. The Clary Lake Association is now set up to accept donations online via PayPal’s secure and convenient online payment processing system. We’re still setting up launch and landing pages and integrating the system into the site, but it’s basically operational. To make a donation, you’ll need to either log in to your PayPal account if you’ve got one, or create one if you don’t. PayPal accounts are FREE and offer many benefits over simple credit card processing sites including a wide variety of member services, dispute resolution, etc. PayPal accounts offer a convenient and secure way to shop on line- or in this case, to donate to a worth cause. So whether you’re signing up for a PayPal account or logging into your existing account, the donation process is painless, fast, and secure. Try it out!

The Clary Lake Association is a Non-Profit Organization so donations are tax deductible. After making a donation, you’ll receive a receipt by email suitable for tax preparation purposes. I’m not sure how small a donation you can make, but when I was setting up and testing things earlier I made a number of $1 donations so I know that amount works 🙂

Eventually we’ll be setting up an subscription system so you can join the Association or renew your Association membership on line, but I don’t see that happening for a while unless I find myself with a lot of free time this summer. You never know. The Fund Raising committee will also be conducting periodic fund raising campaigns and online promotions this year and will be using the same online donation system for their purposes.