01 October 2016: Site Map Added to Website

sitemapI’ve added a clickable Site Map listing all the pages on the website in alphabetical order. You’ll find it in two places, first under the Home main menu heading and as a text link on the right sidebar right under the Search box. This site map won’t be of interest to most people but those trying to navigate the site with a touch screen tablet, phone, or other mobile device may find it useful. Each top level page of the map corresponds to a Main Menu Heading  (i.e., About, News, Charts & Data, etc.) and consists of a page that lists all the sub-pages under that heading. Note that the actual Main Menu Headings themselves at the top of each page are not links (with the exception of Home and Branch Pond) so clicking on them doesn’t do anything but show you the drop down menu but if you select one of those top level links from the Site Map, you’ll go to the page which shows a list of sub-pages under that heading.

You’ll perhaps also notice that not all the pages shown on the map actually show up under any of the main menu headings. This is not a mistake! The Site Map page is dynamically generated so theoretically it should update with changes, additions and deletions automatically.

The need for a Site Map came about as a result of changes I made to the menu system last month, changes which made things generally work better for most people but which also broke navigation for a small subset of other people, most notably iPod and iPhone users. A site map can give people on certain touch-screen devices easier access to the links they’re looking for.

Putting together this site map should have been cake-easy but I built a good deal of this site back in 2013 when I was still learning how to use WordPress. As a result, there wasn’t much organization in my page layout and almost no hierarchy. Figuring out what I’d done and in some cases rearranging or creating the page hierarchy from scratch has been a bit challenging. Also, a few pages and/or links to files got lost in the process. As I find errors, I’ll correct them. Feel free to bring broken links to my attention. You’ll find the new Site Map below: