16 July 2018: CLA Welcomes Its Newest Water Quality Monitor

Kelsie_Monitoring3Please join me in welcoming our newest Water Quality Monitor, Kelsie French! Kelsie and her brother Jeffrey own a camp over on Duncan Road and have been long time supporters of the Clary Lake Association. Kelsie has been helping out from time to time and last Saturday successfully completed the Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitor Program) training for, and has been certified qualified for taking, Secchi Disk Transparency readings and Total Phosphorus Surface Grabs. Next up is getting certified on the use of our YSI Dissolved Oxygen meter. Ever two weeks from (usually) late April until late October we venture out onto the lake to record water temperature, transparency, and dissolved oxygen data. This information is sent into the VLMP and also gets posted on our Clary Lake Water Monitoring Data page. Transparency data is also posted on the “Near Real-Time Lake Data.”

Kelsie_MonitoringWe now have 4 active water quality monitors on Clary: David Hodsdon (CA# HO-0042), Jack Holland (CA# HO-0551), George Fergusson (FE-2648), and Kelsie French (CA# FR-2497). The pictures on this post were taken back on July 7th.

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3 Responses to 16 July 2018: CLA Welcomes Its Newest Water Quality Monitor

  1. Jack Holland says:

    Good job Kelsie, glad to have you aboard !!!

  2. Burson Malcolm says:

    Kelsie, that’s great, and thanks for joining the team. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the water.

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