13 August 2014 Lincoln County News: Whitefield Selectmen to write State Officials About Clary Lake

George Fergusson, left, of the Clary Lake Association and Tom Hayes, Whitefield’s assessors’ agent speak to the Whitefield Board of Selectmen Aug. 12. (Kathy Onorato photo)

At their regularly scheduled meeting last Tuesday night, Whitefield Selectmen voted to write a letter to State officials expressing concern over Paul Kelley’s obstinate refusal to implement the Clary Lake water level order, according to an article in this week’s Lincoln County News by Kathy Onorato. In a brief telephone interview on Wednesday, Kelley complained about not having been notified that his company, Pleasant Pond Mill LLC, was going to be discussed at the meeting. For the record, I was at that meeting and the name “Pleasant Pond Mill LLC” was not mentioned once that I can recall though Mr. Kelley’s name was used numerous times. Also for the record, the Selectmen’s agenda was published on the Town’s facebook page on Monday. Apparently Mr. Kelley is not following that page:

Mr. Kelley also stated “My company has not been notified by DEP that it’s not in compliance with the water-level order.”

I believe it is the Selectmen’s intention is to address the letter to Mr. Thomas Harnett, Assistant Attorney General and to send copies to the Service List. I’ll post a copy here when I receive it.

There was also an interesting discussion with the board and Whitefield Tax Assessor Tom Hayes involving shore front property valuation methods though there was general agreement that there will be no changes to the way Clary Lake shore front property is valued until the water level issue has been resolved. We’ll no doubt be hearing more about this.


2 thoughts on “13 August 2014 Lincoln County News: Whitefield Selectmen to write State Officials About Clary Lake

  1. Eve Kinney

    What does Paul Kelly want, a hand delivered letter!!! This is long over due and it is simply an injustice to all of us. When will someone make this man comply and stop this madness. It is disgusting and wrong on every level. Someone needs to grow some balls and make him do what they told him he needed to do long ago, enough already. I am mad as hell with this whole drawn out process.

    Eve Kinney

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