Time Lapse Video of Clary Lake Ice Out, Spring 2015 [UPDATED]

Over the last 4-5 days there has been a LOT of traffic to the web cam page, people have apparently been anxiously following the progress of the ice going out. I sure have been. Here is a time lapse video showing the ice going out over the last 3 days, compressed into 92 seconds:

The video is comprised of the same photographs you see on the web cam page which are posted to the site every 2 minutes. I’ve removed the night time shots to keep the file size small. Most of the ice-out action happens on the 3rd day (April 18th). If you’re paying attention you’ll spot a muskrat swimming back and forth a few times and a few birds popping in and out of the scene.

Nobody is more surprised at how fast the ice went out this year than I am. On April 9th the lake was solidly frozen over with 6″ of new snow on it. Today, 9 days later… and there is just a little ice left hanging onto the edges in a few place. The ice isn’t officially out until David Hodsdon says it’s officially out. I’ll post the official date on the Ice-In and Ice-Out Dates page when David gives it to me.

IMG_20150419_075002.jpg[UPDATE: 19 April 2015] Well the southeast end of Clary Lake still had a lot of ice floating around this morning, but David Hodsdon tells me this afternoon that it all disappeared mid-morning today. So the official ice-out date this year is today, April 19th. It’s about average.