Spring/Summer 2022 Newsletter Is Out

The Spring/Summer 2022 Clary Lake Association Newsletter went in the mail about on schedule a little over a week ago and is now  available for download from our Newsletters page. Feel free to grab a copy and share it with your family and friends. Dues envelopes were included in the mailing, and dues have already started arriving. How gratifying is that! I’ll be updating the “Next Year’s 2022/2023 Membership List” as more checks arrive. At the time of this writing we’re up to 47 members. This year we totally met our Membership goal of 165 Members. Our Membership goal for the coming year includes a modest increase to 175 Members. Totally doable. You can help us reach (or exceed!) that goal by becoming a member today! Visit our Benefits of Membership page for more information about why you should join the Association, and how to do it.

This is likely the last newsletter we’ll be sending out in this particular format. Changes are coming. Traditionally the newsletter has been prepared by the President currently in office, and with that understanding I started doing the newsletter when I was elected President in 2007. I was President for 4 years, but somehow, I’ve ended up with the Newsletter Editor job ever since! After 15 years, I feel like it’s time to change the way things are done around here. We’re looking to put together a small team of people to work on preparing future newsletters. For the time being I will continue on as Editor and we will be sending it out to be printed rather than doing that chore in-house. If you have writing, reporting, or other relevant skills and would like to help with future newsletters, please send an email to newsletters@clarylake.org and let’s get started! We’ll be talking more about this at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Our newsletter is mailed to about 250 people including all Clary Lake shore owners (check out our Parcel Map) which includes approximately 100 properties (almost 2/3 of which are represented in our Membership). If you’d like to receive a paper copy of our newsletter, send your name and mailing address to secretary@clarylake.org and we’ll put you on our list. Of course, you could also just join the Association 🙂

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