User Roles and Writing Posts

One of my goals for this new web site has been to get more people engaged with the Clary Lake Association and actually producing content for the site. At the very least this means commenting on posts from time to time but could include writing your own posts when you have something of interest to pass on to the readership or something you wish to discuss. There are a number of ways you can do this.

First, you have to have a user account on the site (see Our User Policy). This allows you to comment on posts. Then, the simplest way to get something posted on the site is to email me with your thoughts and have me compose a post for you. I would much prefer however that you write your own post and let me review it and publish it for you. To do that, you need a role upgrade.

When you first sign up for an account you are given “Subscriber” status which only allows you to post comments. Your first comment needs to be moderated (by me) and approved, after which future comments should appear automatically when you post them.

You can request a role upgrade (and I wish you would!) which grants you privileges to do more on the site. The next step up from “Subscriber” is “Contributor” which allows you to use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to compose a post, save a draft, preview it, etc., in short everything except actually post it to the web site. As with your first comment, I need to approve and actually post it for you.

If and when you’ve earned my trust I would turn you into an “Author” which allows you to write, post, and manage your own posts without my intervention as well as upload/include media (pictures) in your posts.

Help is available for writing your first post.