Lake Stewards of Maine

The Clary Lake Association has been a participating member in the Lake Stewards of Maine’s Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program since 1975 making Clary Lake the 3rd longest monitored lake in the state.

Currently, our volunteer lake monitors are Jack Holland, George Fergusson and (as of July 2018) Kelsie French and we try to collect data every 2 weeks during the boating season- typically from early April until late October or early November. David has been doing it since 1975, Jack since about 2001, and George just received certification in July 2014. Last spring I accompanied them on one of their regular water quality monitoring sessions and have put together a short photo gallery of that session: “Our Water Quality Monitors at Work“.

You’ll find recent year’s data on our Clary Lake Water Monitoring Data page. Here’s a typical data sheet from a data collection session. Below are 3 charts showing data collected by David Hodsdon and Jack Holland.