Invasive Plant Patrol Program

Water Chestnut (Trapa natans L), one of Maine’s Eleven Most Unwanted Aquatic Plants.

In the Summer of 2013 the Clary Lake Association partnered with the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (now Lake Stewards of Maine) to bring their Invasive Plants Patrol program to Clary Lake. Several Association members took advantage of the opportunity and attended a hands-on floating workshop to learn to identify invasive plants. We had intended to get busy the following year promoting an IPP program of our own but instead found ourselves caught up with the water level order appeal and later, with our bid to buy the Clary Lake dam. Once we owned and had repaired the dam, in the summer of 2019 we turned our attention setting up an all-volunteer Courtesy Boat Inspection program to protect Clary from the chance introduction of invasive aquatic plants at the State boat launch. Our CBI program is now in it’s second season. It’s now time to get busy on setting up an Invasive Plant Program.

Invasive Plant Patrol Resources:

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The Hunt for Aquatic Invaders

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Invasive Plant Monitors

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