Large Scale Photos and Panoramas

In addition to the above images, here are a couple more of note:

  • Yet Another High Resolution Photo of Clary Lake which is also quite large, 6.24 megabytes and its a PDF file, not an image file (the best way I found to convert the original 86 megabyte .TIFF file was to print it to a PDF). It’s based on a National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) aerial photograph dated 28 July 2011. Its awesome. After opening it, you’ll want to rotate it and then zoom in. You can actually zoom in to 400% without noticeable degradation of image quality. Added 02 October 2012;
  • David Hodsdon resized the above NAIP photograph of Clary Lake into a JPG that better fits your screen and is only 235K. You can’t zoom in like with the above PDF but its a great photograph just the same. I’m using it for a background on my computer.