Other Photo Galleries

User Uploads- Clary Images

Gallery for photographs uploaded by users. Also includes historical photographs of unknown source. You have to be a subscriber to upload pictures.

Maps Charts and Graphs

Maps, topo maps, charts, graphs, and other data pertaining to Clary lake. Includes satellite images, aerial photographs, etc.

Large Scale Photos and Panoramas

These are large scale aerial photographs, composites, or large panorama photos. Most of them also exist in other albums.

Chase Family Archive

Photographs from the Chase family archive, courtesy of Jane Chase

Historical Photographs

Old photographs of historic value from various sources.

Webcam Pictures

Pictures from the Clary Webcam

Aquatic Plants

Photo Gallery for pictures of aquatic plants found in Clary Lake.

Photos Accompanying Bathymetric Survey Comments

Photos accompanying petitioner\\\'s comments on the batheymetric survey, 17 April 2013.