Email Alert System

Under the terms of the the Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s Clary Lake Water Level Order, the Clary Lake Association is required to develop a procedure to alert Clary Lake shore owners of dam repair, management, and maintenance activities that are expected to appreciably affect lake levels as well as provide notices of potential flood events that are expected to significantly increase inflows and/or outflows from Clary Lake. To that end we have developed an “Email Alert System” (EAS). People for whom we do not have email addresses will receive a postcard. This EAS is being developed as part of a Water Level Management Plan.

While we don’t expect to be sending a lot of alerts, it’s nice to have the capability of getting the word out about lake-related events. We’re currently still in the testing phase. Here is a record of alerts sent to date:

Lake Shore Owner Email Alerts

While we’re only required to send alerts to littoral (people who own property on Clary Lake) and riparian (people who own property on the outlet stream below the Clary Lake dam) property owners, we’re quite happy to send alerts to anyone interested in receiving them. Use this form to sign up for alerts. It’s a double-opt-in sign up procedure so look for a confirmation email in your mailbox: