08 August 2014: New Website Permalinks

Some of you might have noticed a change to the link structure in use on our website. The original “?page_id=266” and “?p=2243” links have been replaced with a human readable “post-name.” For the most part this will be transparent and not require any thought or action on your part. If you have links you’ve saved in your browser for favorite pages, they’ll still work, you’ll just be automagically redirected to the new link. For example, if you point your browser at:


you’ll be redirected to:


One of the reason for this change is to make the links more human-readable, the other is to take advantage of page caching which should help with site performance. I’ve done a fair amount of testing and I don’t think anything is broken but if you find something that isn’t working, please let me know. Thanks.