Committees are the way the Clary Lake Association gets work done. The Association has a number of standing committees:

  • Bylaws Committee:
    • The Bylaws Committee is charged with reviewing our bylaws with an eye to keeping them up to date, legal, and in synch with changing times. For example, our bylaws currently specify that board meeting notices need to be snail-mailed to each board member, a practice that made sense 20 years ago but not really today. This is just one example of ways in which our bylaws have become out dated.
    • It’s a good idea to periodically review your bylaws anyways.
    • If you would like to participate on the Bylaws committee, contact the Board.
  • Dam Operations Committee:
    • The Dam Operations Committee is charged with operating the Clary Lake dam so as to maintain compliance with the Clary Lake Water Level Order.
    • You can contact the Dam Operations committee at
  • Fund Raising Committee:
    • We haven’t had a real need for a fund raising committee lately, but we will in the future when we need to make repairs to the dam. You can contact the Fund Raising committee at
  • Membership Committee:
    • This committee is always looking for good ideas for keeping our membership engaged and active.
    • You can contact the Membership committee at
  • Newsletter Committee:
    • The Newsletter committee is responsible for coming up with the content for and producing the various Association publications.
    • This committee also helps out with copy and content for the Association web site. Activities include researching relevant news and local events, and pertinent legislative actions of potential interest to our members.
    • You can contact the newsletter committee at
  • Nominations Committee:
    • The role of the nominations committee is to come up with a slate of officers, board members, and committee members to be voted on at the annual meeting. At least 2 board positions open up every year. Board positions are 3 years terms, the President and Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer roles are 2 year terms. See the bylaws for more about these offices.
    • The nominations committee consists of 3 people serving 2 year terms.
    • You can contact the Nominations committee at
  • Program Committee:
    • The Program Committee is responsible for managing programs.
    • You can contact the Program Committee at
  • Events Committee:
    • Our newest committee, responsible for managing Clary Lake Association events like the ice cream social, coffee klatch, etc.
    • You can contact the Events Committee at

The Association also creates Special Committees as needed. For example, there is usually an ad hoc committee that formed each year that is in charge of making plans and arrangements for the upcoming Annual meeting. If you’re looking for a way to be of service to the Association, consider joining a committee. They’re fun, they’re important, and most importantly they’re fun. Oh I said that…