The Benefits of Membership

If there is one thing the just-ended seven year long lake level crisis has shown us it is that there is strength in numbers and that our collective voices can have an impact. Over the years many of us have simply taken it for granted that Clary lake would always be here- full of water and home to fish and wild life of all kinds. Now it is becoming painfully clear to all of us that Clary lake is really a fragile and delicately balanced ecological system that needs our care and protection at all times. The actions of one person- in this case, the former dam owner- has had a profoundly damaging impact on Clary lake and everyone’s use and enjoyment of it. Clary Lake is a valuable resource and we all have to assume responsibility for preserving it- now, and in the future. We can make a difference. If ever there was a time to join the Association and add your voice to ours, this is it. To learn more about the Clary Lake Association, see our About page. To become a member, read on!

Our membership goal for the upcoming year is 175 members:

Progress towards our 2022/2023 Membership goal:
131/175 members

Here is our Current Membership List.

Membership in the Association is open anyone. Our annual meeting is typically held on the 1st Saturday in August, or at the discretion of the president and our membership-year runs from annual meeting to annual meeting- which sounds confusing but makes sense when you think about it. Prospective members should check out our Association By-Laws for more information about the benefits and responsibilities of being a member.

Dues are currently $25 per year and are fully tax-deductible. There are several ways to  become a member or to renew your membership:

  • You can try our Online Membership Signup/Renewal system utilizing PayPal’s online secure payment processing system.
  • Simply print out this handy Membership Form, fill it out, and send it in with your check.
  • Membership signup/renewal forms along with a summer newsletter are mailed to all current members prior to the Annual meeting. Many people just bring their form and a check to the annual meeting. That’s OK too.

If you simply want to be on the receiving end of Association newsletters and emails, and you’re not already on our mailing list, send us your email address and home address and we’ll add you. We’re really more interested in having you involved and engaged in protecting Clary Lake than we are in collecting your money. If you are on our list and wonder why you haven’t gotten anything lately, well it’s because we don’t send out much. Only important news and updates. No spam, nothing frivolous, and your privacy is protected!