26 August 2014: Mapping DEP’s Bathymetric Data

In preparation for conducting a Water Level Survey sometime later this fall, I’ve put together an interactive map of the DEP’s bathymetric survey data using Google’s “Fusion Tables.” Each data point includes the latitude, longitude, and water depth in feet below the top of the dam. The data set consists of 3271 points, 6 of which I plugged in using data collected during our water monitoring activities. You can easily spot those as they fall in between the boat data tracks.

The deepest spot in the lake is about 28′ below the top of the dam. If your browser is failing to render the embedded map above, here’s a link to it:

Bathymetric Survey Fusion Table

The DEP conducted the field work in September 2012 and issued a colorized bathymetric survey the following spring. Eventually I will generate an actual contour map and also collect some additional data locating the rocks and ledges.