Lake Stewards of Maine’s 2021 Annual Newsletter Now Online

Lake Stewards of Maine’s 50th Anniversary newsletter, The Water Column is now available online. There is lots of interesting reading in this 48 page Issue, something for everyone. I particularly liked “Seven Ways To Monitor and Document the Effects of Climate Change on Your Lake” by Scott Williams, on page 9, and “BloomWatch: Harnessing the Power of Citizen Science Through Collaborative Monitoring of Cyanobacteria Blooms” by Tristan Taber, on page 15. I also really enjoyed “A Day in the Life of an IPPer” by Debbie Broderick from Lake Arrowhead. With a little luck we’ll be getting started with our own Invasive Plant Patrol program here on Clary Lake this year. The Clary Lake Association has been a participating member in the Lake Stewards of Maine’s Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program since 1975 making Clary Lake the 3rd longest monitored lake in the state. Currently, our volunteer lake monitors are George Fergusson and Kelsie French and we try to collect data every 2 weeks during the boating season- typically from sometime in April until late October or early November.

Here’s a link to the newsletter. Enjoy!