Lake Stewards of Maine 2021 Winter Newsletter Is Out

Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly Maine Volunteer Water Monitoring Program) has mailed their Winter 2021 newsletter, The Water Column. Print copies are in the mail and should arrive any day. As usual, they’ve produced a great publication. I especially liked the articles on “Influences of Extreme Weather on Maine Lakes in 2020” (on page 16) and Late Season Algae “Flash Blooms” in Lakes” (on page 26), both by LSM Executive Director Scott Williams. Also, the article “Changes to Communication & Technology in
the Past Few Years and the Spurs of CoViD-19″ by Tristan Taber was quite interesting.

There are several ways you can read the newsletter. Because it’s a large (36 page, 9 megabyte) document, the easiest way to view it is as a web page with links to the various sections. You can also view and download the newsletter directly as a PDF to read off line, but be warned, it’s a large file. Viewing it in sections on their website may be easier than retrieving the whole file.

Last fall Scott Williams asked me if I’d be willing to write an article for the newsletter about Clary Lake, our water quality monitoring program, and about the trials and tribulations of recent years. I did, and you’ll find it on pages 13 and 14 in the Meet Maine’s Lake Stewards! section (Pages 9-14). I’ve also separated it out and posted it here: “Restoring Clary Lake: A Success Story.”

The Clary Lake Association has been a supporting member of LSM for many years.