Happy Thanksgiving 2020 from the Clary Lake Association

Everyday should be and is an opportunity to give thanks.  During these difficult and unprecedented times, we can easily lose our footing in gratitude and only focus on what we don’t have, what we can’t do, and sadly for some of us, what we have lost.  And so, we must remain steadfast in our work of living in the moment, taking nothing for granted and performing little acts of kindness.  No earthly power can prevent us from living in this way.

May all of us, near and far, take a moment and remember what is truly important and know that it is found within. Happy Thanksgiving… now and always. Be kind and stay safe!

Margaret Fergusson

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2020 from the Clary Lake Association

  1. Stephanie Chamberlain

    Margaret you and George have a wonderful Thanksgiving! So grateful for the work you two have done and the positive you put out into our community! 💜

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