03 November 2014: Clary Webcam temporarily down

campicA number of people have been viewing the Clary webcam during and since the storm, only to find the picture at left. You’d think the camera was snowed in when in fact the webcam is working fine and it’s a beautiful day on Clary Lake. The picture you’re seeing is what the world looked like at 11:30 am yesterday morning when Time Warner’s cable service went down. It is still down so new campics aren’t being uploaded to the site. This is a temporary condition, though it can’t be too temporary for my liking. I’m posting this from work.

1 thought on “03 November 2014: Clary Webcam temporarily down

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    The Clary webcam came back to life as soon as Time Warner Cable fixed their internet service problem, about an hour ago. Phew. 3 days without internet at home was not pleasant.

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